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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is TitleNGo?

TitleNGo offers two services to our customers. First, we are an online registration program partner (OLRP) with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. We provide software to Messengers, Notaries, and Dealerships to do electronic titling. Second, we are a network integrator in the online messenger program (OLM) with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. We provide network connectivity for messengers to access the PennDOT computers.

How do we get training?

If you sign up for electronic titling in the online registration program, we will provide a certified trainer to come to your site at no charge to you. You save some deals ahead of time so they can be entered that day. You will be online with PennDOT and actually processing the deals with an instructor at your side. If you would like additional training, we can arrange that for you at your expense. If you enroll in the online messenger program, you will receive two days of training from PennDOT in Harrisburg. The following day you will participate an OLM Test at your location. We will have a techical person there to make sure all the hardware is working properly. At the conclusion of the OLM Test you can begin doing work as an online messenger. If you would like additional training, we can arrange that for you at your expense.

Do you process online titles at your TitleNGo office?

No, not at the present time.

How does our titling documentation get to the TitleNGo office?

You choose the method that is best for you. After you’ve signed-up for our services and begin processing, you can send the paperwork via the US mail, FedEx, DHL, UPS, or via a drop off site in the PennDOT Messenger Room. Many customers choose to use a courier to deliver the paperwork to our office.

Does TitleNGo check the paperwork before it is sent to PennDOT?

All paperwork goes through a quality control process (QC) at our location. We check for correctness and completeness. If we find an error, we notify you about the missing information or error and provide instructions for correcting the paperwork.

How am I notified of any errors in our paperwork?

You are notified via telephone or fax.

Is someone available to answer my processing questions or other concerns?

Yes. TitleNGo provides expert customer service representatives to answer your questions during regular business hours.

What does the TitleNGo scanning process consist of?

TitleNGo has established a PennDOT approved imaging process that digitizes the documents, checks each document for quality, and then transmits the documents to PennDOT for storage and review.

What does TitleNGo do with the physical paperwork after it has been imaged and sent electronically to PennDOT?

The physical paperwork is delivered to PennDOT. PennDOT may then review the physical paperwork and compare it to the imaged version. After a period of time PennDOT will destroy the physical paperwork.


I would highly recommend TitleNGo software to any notary wanting to go on line with PennDOT. I can provide my customers with the registration card and a sticker on the spot now - so much better than a pink slip and window permit. TitleNGo’s online software is GREAT!
- Cathy Pilot, Maidencreek Notary